Ongoing Projects

Here is the list of the ongoing projects.

Clean energy for Maasai communities

We are working towards helping the Arusha, Karatu, and Tarangire communities to ensure they have access to suitable and sustainable cooking energy. Using traditional charcoal involves much smoke detrimental to human health, and a significant environmental hazard as it involves cutting many trees. This project aims at helping the local women, the primary target group.

DOVE School fund 2023

Each year our team of staff from Mawe Lodges, Kilidove Tours and Safari Masters, and a few other suppliers we work with, donates a certain amount of money to send needy school kids to school. Most of the families are located in Arusha, Manyara, and Karatu. We aim to have more kids enrolled and give them access to free education so that they may become a potential asset to change their communities.

Elia Native Trees Seedling project

Elia, one of our champions in environmental conservation working for Kilidove Tours, decided to have his native trees seedling project to restore the native trees that are currently rare due to human activities. Most native trees are hard wood trees or have much use that makes them a target over other tree species. Elia aims to provide seedlings and plant trees in all areas affected by deforestation in Arusha and Karatu regions. .

Health Insurance cover 2023

Access to healthcare is very potential, especially in places where medical treatment is expensive or inaccessible. We give out health care insurance coverage to several young individuals and elderly from low-income families that do not have access to health care as they cannot afford it. By giving them access to healthcare insurance, we will help them focus on their daily lives.

Maasai Water Project Mto wa Mbu

The village of Kirurumu in Manyara, Karatu, has been influenced by several modern hotels and safari resorts, most of them blindfolded by the needs of these local communities. Most communities in this area travel for more than 10 kilometers in search of clean water, which is found just a few meters below the ground. We aim to install a public well for the Kirurmu community to help them have this vital necessity.

Smiling dogs project

If you have been around Tanzania, by the roadside is very common to see dogs crossing the road or at marketplaces, dogs hanging around. Most of these dogs are stray dogs with no home and no one looking after them; we aim to do a significant campaign of giving them a new life, getting them injected with various vaccination and medicines, and finding new homes. We are working closely with a few local veterinaries and village offices to ensure that the project is sustainable and that we give these beautiful creatures another smile.

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